No person or group is permitted to use the name “Twelve Visions Party” without being chartered or permitted otherwise by the Twelve Visions Party National Committee and Mark Hamilton (founder). This includes filing or registering with any government authority (TVPNB: Article 9 Section 1).
Chartered Affiliates
New Jersey Chartered 9-25-09
California Chartered 1-13-10
Oregon Chartered 2-9-10
Connecticut Chartered 4-9-10
Georgia Chartered 5-10-10
Tennessee Chartered 5-10-10
Iowa  Chartered 6-16-10
Virginia Chartered 7-7-10
New York Chartered 7-26-10
Texas Chartered 7-28-10
Arizona Chartered 10-1-10
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Policies & Procedures
Name Type Update
Affiliation PP as needed  8-19-10
TVP Committee Standard Operation PP as needed  6-3-2010
Active Affiliate PP as needed  8-19-10