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Purpose: The purpose of these workshops is to help willing and interested Neothink® Society Members to further their integrations regarding The Prime Law, the purpose of The Twelve Visions Party, the goals of The Twelve Visions Party, the process with which The Twelve Visions Party will accomplish its goals, the purpose of the TVP Contract, the purpose of the State Affiliates Chartered by The Twelve Visions Party and how to set up an state Action Plan to help The Twelve Visions Party get a TVP President elected, The Prime Law passed as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution and begin the process to depoliticize America! All of this as well as begin to integrate the real platform of The Twelve Visions Party to not be just another ‘third’ party with a political agenda that will only perpetuate the present declining and corrupted political system that exists today!

Furthermore, these workshops are being designed to help us all learn how to replicate Daniel Ward as described in The Miss Annabelle Secrets and the Twelve Visions. We all know that Daniel Ward did not speak of a political agenda, he spoke in honest integrations all the time and neither his political competitors nor the press could defeat him or twist his words. This is what we, those of us who are to become the faces to the world, must learn. Speaking in honest integrated thoughts with pure love is a learned behavior, not just a lucky thing that happens. Just wanting The Twelve Visions World to come about is not enough when dealing with the anti-civilization. These people are the masters of illusions and deceit and must not be underestimated! We all must be fully integrated in the Prime Literature, The Prime Law and see all the puzzle pieces as presented in these writings!

Finally, the purpose of these workshops is to further and perpetuate the cycle of evolution from the bicameral mentality into fully integrated Neothink® individual Self-Leaders as described in The Prime Literature! This evolutionary process must begin with the acceptance of responsibility that we as individuals have created our own circumstances and that we as individuals can, will and must change and correct these circumstances thus bringing about the birth of The Twelve Visions Party, The Twelve Visions World and with these value creations we will depoliticize America. This will set a strong example for the rest of the world to follow and as a result, we, the founders, the visionaries of the Neothink® Society and The Twelve Visions Party will create the Twelve Visions World here on this beautiful planet called earth! It will be the responsibility of each volunteer who steps forward to continually read and study The Prime Literature thus increasing the level of integrated knowledge and deepening the process of integrated thought and the Neothink® Mentality.