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Twelve Visions Party® Invites you to our 2nd Annual State Convention
May 8, 2010

10 AM-5 PM

Sausalito City Hall
420 Litho Street
Sausalito, CA 94565

Come meet and be a part of the anti-political party that “
Come meet the Founding Visionaries of the TVP®CA.
Come hear the California State Officers and other notable Visionaries speak about the Prime Law, and how “

Will Make All the People Rich Including the Poor“. Dreams Really Do Come True”. Come enjoy all the fun, food, and live entertainment on tap for this joyous occasion.
Come have all your questions answered and your suggestions implemented.

$50 donations for admission and $20 donations for Mark Hamilton’s new book Wealth, Health, and Peace should be sent, in advance, using PayPal to
While Supplies Last
For more information call 916-367-4737 or e-mail


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