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Congratulations to the Twelve Visions Party of Iowa, TVP’s newest affiliate.

On June 16th, 2010, Mark Hamilton gave the final approval to TVPIA


One Response to “TVP Has a New State Affiliate”

  • I have been a Society member for 3 years, and I have learned so much from the Neothink books. They have enlightened me so much as to what lies in the future for all of us USA citizens . If we do not make this change for our future,now,to improve it, to cancel our National debts,and to improve the ways we want live and re- capture those forgotten American Dreams we longed for,they will never happen. and Make our American Dreams come true by joining the Twelve Visions Party and voting on its ballet in the next election. Elect Mark Hamilton for our President.
    Also study the first Constitution,and our Preamble,and put the word GOD back into them,as this was the Premise our forefathers put into them. We can then sing our National Anthem with pride for indeed GOD did Bless America,and the let bells of FREEDOM ring louder throughout our land again. Refresh our PEACE,LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL americans.
    I have a question? Into what factions will our government be formed? Will it still havethe Senate, the House of Representatives, and Congress ect.?

    Lets make this country greater by setting up the Twelve Visions Party and make it our goverhment. HOOrah signed GAW.

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