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Did you know the average American spends over three hours per day watching mindless television? Spend only ten to fifteen minutes a week on something that matters right here with the weekly installment of the Amazing Journey with Mark Hamilton revealing the 3000-Year-Old Secret brought to you by the Twelve Visions Party National Executive Committee:

This week the latest from Mark Hamilton on why TVP selects rather than elects. Also find out about the new TVP Hotline and important updates on the Neothink World Summit

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2 Responses to “The April 1st Weekly Update”

  • Kenneth Townsend:

    Alright a hot line this is great! 1-866-597-7246

  • Kenneth Townsend:

    Last night I dreamt of you and me living in a world that is truly free!
    I dreamt of us together becoming the people we were meant to be!
    I dreamt of us living a prosperous, loving, harmonious life with so much to give!
    I knew this was the life that we were all meant to live!
    Those geniuses of society really did set us free!
    As we walked hand-in-hand in this beautiful safe world it was plain and simple and easy to see those geniuses worked hard so everyone could be free!
    No burden of life holding us back!
    The Twelve Visions Party got us on track!
    The Prime Law removed those cost prohibitive regulations that kept us all suppressed!
    One simple law removed them all, it was so simple, and everyone was impressed!
    Thank you Twelve Visions Party for this Wonderful, Happy, and Peaceful World you have brought for all to Enjoy!
    Now everyone’s living like a millionaire, with so much abundance everywhere!
    This is the world we were all meant to live in with our family and loved ones!
    Elect Jill Reed President of the United States and you will see!
     You will become the person you were meant to be!
    Living the Wealthy, Healthy life you were meant to live!
    Make a Difference! Vote for Life! Elect Jill Reed President of the United States!

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