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Did you know the average American spends over three hours per day watching mindless television? Spend only ten to fifteen minutes a week on something that matters right here with the weekly installment of the Amazing Journey with Mark Hamilton revealing the 3000-Year-Old Secret brought to you by the Twelve Visions Party National Executive Committee:

This week, we hear the exciting news and updates from the distinguished Mr. Loren Taylor.

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3 Responses to “The April 23rd Weekly Audio Update”

  • Loren Taylor did a fine job on this week's weekly update.  Listen in!

  • David Descoteaux:

    Thank you for an enlightening weekly update. We are all separate from one another, but with a common goal of creating a better world for everyone, we come together as a cohessive family. The love for human conscouisness can overcome any obsticle in its path. We all must continue to forge ahead with determination and persistance, knowing that we can accomplish this goal. 

  • Hi Loren,
    I enjoyed the TVP update.  Many thanks,

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