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Welcome to the weekly installment of the Amazing Journey with Mark Hamilton revealing the 3000-Year-Old Secret brought to you by the Twelve Visions Party National Executive Committee:

This week, we hear the exciting news and updates from the Vice Chair of the National Executive Committee. He exposes the Founding Father's missing integration and shares with us the seven immediate effects of the TVP.

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3 Responses to “May 2nd Weekly Update”

  • David:

    The 7 effects of TVP will set us all free. I was brought to a place of solitude, comfort and clarity listening to this weekly update. This is the message we must shout from the rooftops. Thank you Tom, for helping me remember why I am doing what it is I am doing. We must continue to stay engaged with like minded individuals in order to integrate more knowledge and continue to march in this New Idea. This is great. I am going to listen to this update again and again.
    Thank You 

  • Helen Betzenhauser:

    Tom,  you have presented a convincing scenario of the effects of electing TVP candidates.
    Jill Reed and you are leading the way to a better America for all of us.
    Personnaly, I am encouraged to run for Mayor of my city.  The people are good people and deserve to be treated much better.

  • Kenneth Townsend:

    Excellent Job Tom!

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