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But even worse than the huge mandatory spending programs was the discretionary spending to regulatory bureaucracies. They ruled over us with regulations that suppressed geniuses and new technologies. So, the negative effect of a government on the offense was painfully double: big government drained our money out of our lives and then used it to specifically block us from rising into a wealthy paradise on Earth!

The happy, wealthy people in tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions World looked through history books while scratching their heads, wondering why we did not see this obvious double negative a lot, lot sooner. We disastrously accepted the deceptions called “the social good”. The destructive ruling class of career politicians and regulatory bureaucrats was well camouflaged as existing for the “social good”.

The Elderly Benefited the Most

What about the elderly and the genuinely needy? Before tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions World, the elderly were stuck in the poverty-trap caused by the social-welfare illusion. In my Eleventh Vision, the elderly and needy gained the most in the Twelve-Visions World, for they more than anyone needed a monetary metamorphosis in which their savings and pensions suddenly could buy a hundred times more. And that is exactly what they got. Unburdened, free-to-soar technology began driving down costs to fractions immediately after the Solar-Eclipse Budget passed.

Looking back from tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions World, when government had regulatory dominance over the economy, prices did not go down. They went up. Inflation was a slow torture for the elderly and the needy on set incomes. Inflation, even slow inflation, eventually trapped many of the elderly and the needy in the dungeons of society as poverty-ridden, dependent “slaves” — “slaves” to big government, forever dependent on their measly entitlement money. That slave class meant guaranteed votes for an ever-increasing regulatory government.

But in the Twelve-Visions World, all that changed. Ironically, that change most benefited the huge American slave class — the elderly and the needy. The make-the-people-millionaires program lifted everyone into financial independence and then financial prosperity.

What about health, education, and everyone’s welfare? What about all those spending programs that got blacked out? The resulting millionaire phenomenon made everyone rich; those previously dependent on entitlements benefited the most. Those previously trapped “slaves”, dependent on suppressive big government in order to survive in poverty, for the first time lived like healthy and wealthy kings as buying power and jobs began multiplying.

Healthy Kings

Now, I said healthy kings because unhampered, soaring technologies not only drove health-care costs to fractions, but eradicated serious diseases. Consider that the FDA, looking out for the “public good”, killed many promising low-cost cures with cost-prohibitive regulations. In my Eleventh Vision, I witnessed that unburdened geniuses of society got the public good done and done quickly. Through the help of unburdened super technologies, the Neothink geniuses quickly, among other things, eradicated diseases (Vision Twelve, later).

Unprecedented Prosperity

I saw the end result of The Great Displacement Program: Government assets and programs not part of protecting its citizens from physical force were sold to the private sector. Geniuses of society, not career politicians, took over programs for the social good to finally achieve social good.

The Great Replacement/Great Displacement Program led by a Twelve-Visions President and his Protection-Only Budget ushered in the new Twelve-Visions Era with no ruling class and no government programs for the “social good”. Super technologies and super entrepreneurs, finally free of political pollution, free of even the smallest regulatory impurities, gave the world an unprecedented “power-reactor” explosion of prosperity beyond comprehension in today’s terms.

The New Prosperity

The new prosperity made it difficult to look back at the former government programs “for the social good”:

• Education: Among lowest standard of industrialized nations.

• Social Security: A greater and greater strain on the economy.

• Welfare: Left the poor in deeper and deeper poverty-traps. Stressing the economy.

• Health Care: Less and less effective.

• Social Programs: Deteriorating results.

• Regulatory Programs: Handicapped America in global competition while driving up costs, suppressing progress, and shrinking our job base…all while arming more and more teams of bureaucrats with guns and legislative-like power.

In the Twelve-Visions World, the above programs “for the social good” fell out of the hands of a few hundred politically driven politicians and bureaucrats…into the hands of millions of sharp geniuses who finally did those programs right.

The Eleventh Vision answered my own two questions:

1) How will people take care of their parents with no more government aid and medicare?

2) How will people educate their children with no more public schools?

First of all, the Great Displacement Program and the sale of trillions of dollars of government assets to private businesses easily repaid Social Security with full, fair-market interest. A lot of people suddenly got back small fortunes, especially the elderly who spent their lives paying the taxes that paid for those government assets sold. That sale of government assets ended the flawed Social Security era with everyone being repaid his or her money with interest. Working people no longer poured their money down the Social Security drain; most adults received a big check from the Federal Government, and retirees suddenly got back a small fortune.

We discovered — even those on entitlements discovered — that social-welfare programs of all kinds, including the medicare and medicaid programs, were clever illusions that hurt, not helped, the elderly and needy. Those social-welfare programs let the government regulate our economy and politicize our health, blocking computerlike revolutions and free-falling prices for breakthrough cures. Tomorrow, we rescued our parents by freeing the economy and medical industry from those regulatory webs. Soon, health and living costs fell to fractions. Quality of life soared. The Twelve-Visions President’s “solar-eclipse” demonstration during his first year in office led to the inevitable millionaire phenomenon that made everyone wealthy and healthy, including the poor and the elderly.

Now, for our children: In the Eleventh Vision, I witnessed superior private education become the affordable norm and not the unaffordable exception. Today, only the privileged can, in a sense, pay twice for their children’s education — once to the government (via taxes) and once to a private school. But tomorrow, everyone paid only once, but for superior private education.

Private schools became very inexpensive as open competition delivered the highest value for the lowest cost once the government’s monopoly on education ended. Our children grew increasingly knowledgeable, creative, and motivated. They grew up to become successful, happy, and rich value creators. Chapter Thirty-Eight goes into details. (My Neothink trilogy Superpuzzle provides a complete picture of tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions World, including the political and educational structure and results.)

Money Talks, Abuse Walks

During this Eleventh Vision into the Twelve-Visions World, I noticed that the Protection-Only Budget, ending the nearly three out of four dollars spent on entitlement programs and regulatory bureaucracies, collecting only the money needed to protect us…this radically different budget did something else besides set free super entrepreneurs and super technologies that made ordinary people rich. The Protection-Only Budget also eliminated powerful forces of big government that were steadily taking away our freedom and individual rights.

Once the Protection-Only Budget passed in its entirety in the Twelve-Visions President’s third year in office after the mid-term Great Replacement Program, no more money was available to go to regulatory bureaucracies, all of which had quietly armed their agents over the decades — a dangerous step in America toward secret police and fascism. Those armed armies of bureaucrats ultimately answered to our President as part of his growing structure of power and ego.

The people in the Twelve-Visions World simply asked: why should any regulatory bureaucrat be armed? If he confronts a potentially hostile situation, then he should call the local police as any other citizen.

For the previous century, however, the government had been quietly building armies of armed bureaucrats. The IRS, FTC, FDA, EPA, SEC, DEA, FBI, INS, ATF, CIA — every regulatory bureaucracy and beyond had armed agents… even the postal service came complete with armed bureaucrats! As the people in my Eleventh Vision looked back, they were amazed at how obvious this abuse of power was, which before went right over their heads.

Those armies of armed bureaucrats, all under the command of the President, grew increasingly aggressive while steadily subtracting our freedom and individual rights. Caught up in the illusions of “social good”, we let them rule over us.

The Protection-Only Budget, once in full force with the success of the Great Replacement Program, simply cut off the funds to those growing armies of fascism. The Protection-Only Budget, simply put, just said no!

So, while making everyone rich, the Protection-Only Budget saved us from deteriorating freedom and growing government abuse.

Jobs, Wealth, Security

Once in office, the Twelve-Visions President’s fiscal policy was simple: eliminate from the annual budget up to three of four dollars previously spent.

Looking back over the twentieth century, America got in trouble regarding the currency. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt took us off the gold standard. With no more accountability or disciplines, the government pumped more and more money into our economy. That caused inflation to eat up our parents’ retirement savings and pensions, leaving them poor and financially dependent on us and the government.

Pumping unbacked currency into the economy had a short-term stimulating effect on the economy, but a long-term deadly effect. Of course, politicians sold out our futures for short-term re-election gimmicks. The people in tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions World were amazed, looking back, that fiscal policy had become an exclusive power-and-ego manipulating game for the powers that be. The ordinary working man was the victim. …After decades of unbacked currency pumped into the economy — forever followed by inflation and increasing poverty for each new generation of elderly and needy Americans — what did we do? In my Eleventh Vision, here was the Twelve-Visions President’s course of action — a one, two punch:

One: He eliminated spending programs for the “social good” and steadily paid off the debt. That cut our taxes in half or more and cut out any need to print more money.

Two: The Twelve-Visions President eliminated corporate income taxes altogether (which accounted for less than one-tenth of the Federal Government’s revenues). That caused an explosion of business, employment, opportunities, and rising incomes for the people as companies reinvested large sums of money back into their businesses, including cash incentives for employee performance. The money that normally went toward taxes and the “social good” instead went toward expansion, job creation, and employee incentive. The economy boomed. …This concept was first demonstrated in the early ’60s during John F. Kennedy’s presidency and reinforced in the ’80s during Ronald W. Reagan’s presidency.

In the Twelve-Visions World, students shook their heads in disbelief at the illusions used by big government that tricked their parents and grandparents into sending a major portion of our wealth down the drain disguised as the “social good”.

In the Twelve-Visions World, with no more government programs for the “social good”, our taxes a fraction of what they once were, and with no more corporate income taxes, the money once flushed away to the “social good” was now reinvested into economic growth. That same money went instead toward starting and expanding businesses, creating jobs, motivating us as in-house entrepreneurs (Fifth and Sixth Visions), and causing dynamic technological growth…which, like the computers, drove up our buying power a hundred times.

The Twelve-Visions World — Technology, Wealth, and Health

Let me sum up my Eleventh Vision: The freed geniuses of society whom I saw in my Tenth Vision (next) mixed with the freed twenty-first-century super technologies that I saw in my Eleventh Vision. First the impurities of society were removed — i.e., the career politicians and regulatory bureaucrats ruling over our money, morals, and businesses in the name of the “social good” (instead of simply and properly protecting us). Second, with the impurities absent, the super entrepreneurs and super technologies went through a catalytic, “power-reactor” explosion that lifted society into a beautiful new world, the Twelve-Visions World. In that new world, the people including the poor lived like millionaires.

Here were our steps into that new world: America’s growing damnation of politicians ushered in a nonpolitician Twelve-Visions President sometime in the first quarter of the twenty-first century. His “solar-eclipse” demonstration quickly brought about the Great Replacement Program. Then his Protection-Only Budget passed in its entirety and ended government on the offense doing the “social good”. Everyone’s taxes fell in half…and then in half again as market businessmen drove down the remaining government expenses for protection by digging into the details and making them efficient.

As that occurred, geniuses of society rose by the millions and steadily raised our buying power as their breakthrough technologies drove costs toward zero. We became essentially a hundred times wealthier. Furthermore, every day and night felt as safe as living in Disneyland, for people became wealthy without lifting a finger. Committing crime was too much work. Moreover, the government’s sole focus was your protection: national defense on the federal level and police protection on the local level. For the first time, civilization existed in pure freedom.

The Twelve-Visions World is the paradise on Earth in which we were meant to live — a world in which we will be very wealthy with exciting opportunities, even for those who now have little opportunity. In my Eleventh Vision, that Twelve-Visions World provided ever-better technology for ever-cheaper prices, no longer the sole possession of the computer industry. Major health breakthroughs and cures occurred at increasing frequency and became affordable to everyone, even to the elderly.

Unsurpassed, quality education became available and affordable to all families. Fears of unemployment were forgotten in the perpetually soaring economy with endless selections of exciting, “living” jobs (Fifth Vision). And finally, the millionaire’s life of exotic vacations and first-class luxuries removed every last drop of boredom from our lives. Life was fun and exciting.

Looking back left a heavy sadness in our hearts for the millions who died unnecessarily to disease. We realized how career politicians and regulatory bureaucrats cost many of our loved ones’ precious lives.

Big government was on the offense politicizing our lives and ruling over us. By contrast, the Twelve-Visions World’s get-the-people-disease-free-and-rich government was only on the defense protecting our lives from any physical threat or attack. After depoliticizing society, thus setting free the geniuses of society, then super rapidly evolving new technologies eradicated infectious disease after disease.

As you might suspect, political leaders resisted the idea of depoliticizing America. But, as Victor Hugo once wrote, “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”

The Twelve-Visions World is the world everyone wants to live in, but has no clue of. Once enough people got exposure to the prosperity and love available in that previously unknown world — once fifty-million people saw the Twelve Visions — the following four steps swiftly occurred:

1) A politically free Twelve-Visions President was elected, vowing to enable the people, including the poor, to live like healthy millionaires by depoliticizing America.

2) The Protection-Only Budget was submitted to eliminate government on the offense. Congress rejected most of the budget, but business owners and potential entrepreneurs could now sense the coming new code of freedom. Suddenly private funds for researching new technologies multiplied in all industries. The Technological Revolution shifted into a higher gear; prices began to fall, demonstrating the potential Protection-Only Budget’s mighty effects on the people’s wealth and health.

3) The Great Replacement Program washed over the country in the subsequent midterm election like a big wave, washing away most career politicians. Original business owners and other market-driven businessmen and women replaced career politicians nearly unanimously. For, the voting public knew that market-driven businesspeople would pass the Protection-Only Budget without hesitation. Indeed, the Protection-Only Budget passed in its entirety.

4) The Great Displacement Program naturally followed as the government’s spending monopolies vanished; private businesses and entrepreneurs moved in to legitimately serve the people. America quickly became a wonderful place to be! Buying power multiplied a hundred times. Ordinary people began living like millionaires. Medical technology jumped into the lead against every disease.

Those make-the-people-millionaires and make-the-people-disease-free phenomena quickly brought three outstanding benefits to us:

1) Near-perfect health to us and our loved ones as medical technology raced forward and eradicated disease after disease.

2) Millionaire wealth as technologies raced forward in every industry like today’s nonpoliticized computer/information industry, driving prices toward zero and standards of living toward millionaire wealth.

3) Supermen and superwomen selves as businesses, in that rapidly advancing Twelve-Visions World, evolved beyond their routine-rut jobs and instead brought out every worker’s potential (Fifth and Sixth Visions). Our stagnant routine ruts were left behind as we discovered our human potential and achieved dreams we could never even fathom before (Ninth Vision). Exhilaration and stimulation replaced boredom and stagnation. The job revolution (described in the Fifth and Sixth Visions) poured a hundred-million geniuses into society. Our jobs became our transmission belts to Neothink. Such creative energy rushing into society lifted our nation’s wealth beyond all economic theories or models prior to the success of the Twelve Visions Party. We lived in a wonderful new world never before known to man.
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