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Thank you so much, Mark Hamilton. Thank you for exposing me to the Twelve Visions Party. You have definitely changed my life for the better. I undoubtedly will never be the same because of you. For the first time ever my life is worth living. You’ve given me a new way of seeing the world. It’s not like I’ve been told what to do or to do anything differently. What you’ve done for me is to help me to┬ábe able to think in a totally different way. I now have a new way of approaching the world. And for the first time ever, I am in charge of my life. I no longer allow outside influences to influence me.

So many people have so many different opinions of what’s wrong with the school system. But it just amazes me thinking about what an incredible world we would be living in if, when we were children, we had been taught or just allowed to think for ourselves. Integrated thinking and total honesty is definitely our way out of the hell that has been created on this earth by dishonest, value destroying people. I’m so happy to have found the Twelve Visions Party. Thanks once again Mark Hamilton.


Steve S


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