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Hi, my name is Jody Jay Watson. How would you like to change the world and the society we live in? By joining us in the Neothink society and supporting our political campaign the “Twelve Visions Party” you can totally change this world you live in and dictate and control your own life. Mark Hamilton the creator of the Neo-think society has given us that opportunity to do this. I am creating the life I desire to live. I now build my own furniture and create fantasy artwork on the pieces. You can check out my Study room and Bedroom videos on my youtube link at . I also taught myself to build my own website and created my own business . I do fantasy artwork and sell on t-shirts, ballcaps, posters, etc. You can view my website at . I also just recently published a poetry/artwork book in full color. You can view it at . These are a few of the things I have accomplished so far in the society. I control my own destiny and dictate my own life. We were not intended to sit around and wait to die and get out of this life. We are creators and are capable of doing anything we set our mind to. My next goal is to start a new self defense system to gear toward women to help them better defend themselves. I have also lived disease free for almost 13 years and do not have a need for medication or going to a doctor which I haven’t in the last 13 years. I live a good life and enjoy it. Would you like to join Mark Hamilton, me, and the rest of the Neo-think Society and change the world where you can create the life you really want to live? Or do you want to be controlled by politics and religion and go to your grave quick and get out of this life. The choice is yours to make. Join us for a better happier more fulfilled life, or sit around in a dead end rut job, miserable, and wanting to hurry up and die.


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