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The benefits are extremely difficult to put on paper because it is so extensive it permeates my very existence. I have hope I have never felt before. I have never been in favor of our government because it does not represent the beliefs of our forefathers of our country. The whole reason they came to “the new land” was in hope flee from taxation without representation. The only hope I ever had was the Libertarian party but my vote never counted when I voted that way. This new party gives more than hope. I know there are bound to be obstacles to the progress of this political party. Just look at all the conspiracy theories of our government. I am not even very politically inclined but with all that I have been learning it is a very important step to our true freedom to address the government. I do not wish to lose my new found hope. I do not wish to lose the chance to excel in every area of my life. Our world needs new thinking and new concepts that validate “WE THE PEOPLE”. For how can we actually develop schools of geniuses??? How do our children survive when we ourselves are struggling with the current set up.

For the first time in my life I can say that there is a true way to develop a life worth living. Why is it that most heart attacks ending in death occur on Monday morning?? Why does our life create such intense reaction to the point of death??? That is just wrong to leave people with such stress and over anxiety that life is cut short because of our current society’s set up!!! So many things are wrong. Like the study of many illnesses and diseases that have no cure yet because the treatment of them makes more money than the cure. Why is it that the development of medical progress is dependent on financial gain verses true cures. So many questions unanswered. Why are we living in such stress that many lives are unnecessarily cut short?

In the short time I have spent with neo-thinkers all my hopes are addressed. I am more than welcomed. I am a valued member. I have met some of the most dynamic individuals through the society that have added extreme value to my life. I feel a very intense connection that creates value and insight into my own live. I never felt so much value in my life before. The things I have been learning go beyond the law of attraction. Rather than manifesting good. With neo-think I am manifesting not just a tidal wave but a tsunami of totally awesome and rewarding benefits!!

I plan to continue learning and expanding my mind with the hope that Neo-think will win. Neo-think has to win for all of us. If we are trampled by our government then the United States government can only be compared to the actions taken at Tienanmen Square in Communist China- against their own youth (neo-thinkers) . This is so shameful because the Neo-thinkers were trampled over by tanks and murdered by their Country because of their protest. Let us protest and the wrath of the United States government will trample beyond imagined torture. We fund Trillions of dollars to the government and to think that the government will not retaliate is delusional. Mark Hamilton will provide wisdom and strategies to expose the United States government for what it is. Not only he will require protection but protection will come. Unknown how this will come about but it will. It will be manifested as strong as a tsunami since we will need to blast through in similar fashion. Who will be prepared for what will hit them??? The power of it is beyond imagination. In order to win we can not be quiet little lambs led to be slaughtered. We will have to roar like the lion.

And remember the great words of Thomas Jefferson when he said “WE THE PEOPLE”. We the neo-thinkers are “THE PEOPLE”.

SIncerely Your fellow neo-thinker Angie Rivera


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