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Dear Mark,

Here is my TVP® Testimonial:

Thanks for your Mentoring.

You’re Friend,

Ralph Merritt

Member Manager

Power Thinkers of Salt Lake City, LLC


The Twelve Visions Party® is in actuality the World’s Peace Formula.

Once the Prime Law® takes effect and becomes an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,

Then Society will soar to new exciting technologies and overall values which are now suppressed by corrupt laws.

No longer will the individual be held back from progress by bad regulations and political agendas.

The government will be based on honest business and protection only for everyone.

The Twelve Visions Party® is the Key puzzle piece to having a truly free Society.

Ralph Merritt



One Response to “The Twelve Visions Party® is in actuality the World’s Peace Formula.”

  • JoAnn Cooksey Selmont:

    Dear Mr Mark Hamilton,

    The Twelve Visions Party as I see it is to our country THE SAVIOR. People I know outside of NeoThink Society through their religious beliefs put their attention to GOD as their SAVIOR via JESUS.

    To even a greater degree than their beliefs of Jesus and God, the Twelve Visions Party is to all of us peoples of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It will forever be remembered and LIVED.

    Even though I am a retired Senior, I will put all of me that I can to be an aid for the GOING FORWARD of the TWELVE VISIONS PARTY. I also have a voice and I keep talking to whoever I can revealing what the NeoThink Society means to me–which is just everything that is important.

    Mark, I am JoAnn, your ALASKAN POINT OF LIGHT just beaming for the TWELVE VISIONS PARTY.

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