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I was so excited that I hardly felt the steps as I ran out of our home that first time I was allowed to play outside without supervision from my parents or elder siblings. As I ran further from our home, I stopped suddenly. “What is this, this darkness of the mind? Where is it coming from?” Noticing that it came from most of the people, I asked my self, “Why can’t they see, with their minds, as clearly as I can?” I had an urge to sit down and tink about it but remembered it was my time to play the way I wanted to. Instead of running down the creek where I was head for, I turned toward the direction where my father’s dog-team was tied, thinking that I would come back to seaching for an answer. Since then I had been seaching for that something more I knew was out there.
I was about to give up when my youngest sister came home from her travels of the world, through the armed forces. She asked a question and was surprised at my answer, “I don’t know.” She was shocked by that reply and asked, “What happened to you? you would have looked for an answer.” Right there, I started my search once again, for that something more.
A week or so later, I received an envolope in the mail. It caught my eye because if was of this old airmail type envolopes. I opened it and read. I was both amazed and surprised that this person knew me like I knew me. How could this person know me like that, so I sent for the book. I could not stop reading it once I received it. I’d “sneak” time while my family was asleep and got up early to read it. Each time the opertunity came to purchase a following book, I jumped at it, hoping each time that I was not too late.
I have never felt so sure of myself since childhood. After reading the three Heirlooms, I knew this was what I had been searching for all my life.
thank you Visionary Mark Hamilton for finding me when you did. Just in time too.
I love you for it,
Warren R.


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