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this is the edited version of my previous post. I only had time to edit the words though and not the formation, as timefor me is very limited right now. Still formation is nothingness, it is the value of my words that you must focus on and you will began to see, began to feel, WHAT IS HONEST.

I am motivated to work with the TVP because I know in my heart that this is the movement that will change the world for better. I know this is honest because their exist no hidden agenda based on value usurpation, force, coercion, or deception, not even the threat of usurpation, force, coercion, or deception exist. In the twelve visions world a person can live not just a free life but a care free life. Care free of usurpation, force, coercion, and deception, even care free from the threat of such non values. A care free life based on unlimited freedom, values, creation, health success,exhilaration, happiness, love, and life. The TVP is based on creating those previous life enhancing values thus exist through honesty and value creation. This type of movement is the only real, only honest value, that can most honestly benefit the people, thus is the movement for the people, and the movement against higher authorities. This movement again is to the advantage of the people because no hidden agendas exist against the people, through illusionary politics used only to control, dominate, and rule over the people for ultimate unearned power and values. The TVP movement takes the unearned power, unearned values away all higher authorities, in doing so that power, those values, naturally flows back to the original owners THE PEOPLE, the ones who created or produced those values in the first place. THIS POWER/VALUE EXCHANGE will free technology, creation, happiness, love, success, exhilaration, values, ultimately it will free society from the burden that allows our people to unconsciously live for death! Living to die whether knowingly or unknowing is almost the greatest tragedy ever. The greatest tragedy ever is that unfulfilled life that dies! I know this, the value of the TVP is in my heart, we must eradicate the higher authorities, by awakening the people, by out competing every life destroying stimulation, that exist replacing that destruction of life with life enhancing/life sustaining exhilaration! It is up to us to free the people by showing them a better life, a better world, THE TWELVE VISIONS WORLD! Trust me, I’m on board! My name is MARK HOLDER JR!

That was a statement to my mentor Mr. Mark Hamilton in response to his question why am I motivated to be apart of TVP?
Understand fully that the above TVP movement cannot exist through any form of usurption, force coercion or deception or the threat of usurption, force coercion or decption, because then we would only be replacing one corrupt authority with another. Then the world will be as it has always been a stagnation to death trap! In order to reverse this sick trap, we need something, a value, free from corruption, a value based solely on honesty, we need THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY! This Twelve Visions Party movement is the only real value the people can trust because it was created for the people based on the immediate and long terms, rights and values that all human life should not be deprived of.For example values like being free, and being able to live, and live happily. Those vales that naturally belong to us is actuallty an impossibility as long as higher authorities exist, for they exist to take those values away from us because it weakens us making us easier to manipulate and control! These higher authorities need to control us because they cannot create a livelihood for themselves, even if they could, it would not be good enough for these higher authorities because of their ego’s. they Egotistically want ultimate control over everything that exist. The easiest, and only way to do that is by controling us, the people!

One man could not take it anymore! One man HONESTLY vowed in his mind and in his heart to TAKE, TAKE, TAKE, PERSONAL INITIATIVE, towards the self leader he was meant to be, in order to live his dream life. He vowed in his mind, in his heart to create a system that would eradicate all forms of higher authorities because he knows in his mind and in his heart that you must go to the essence of the problems to eradicate the recurring problems. Job loss, poverty, stagnation, harmful illusions, force, coercion, deception, violence, all these non values are recurring problems that HIGHR AUTHORITIES PURPOSEFULLY CREATE.

One man through honest, deep thinking, began to see all the way past illusions in order to see the deepest level of thinking in a moment that happened so fast he almost missed it, but he didnt! He saw the future, THE TWELVE VISIONS of the future. That man, that one man that decided to take PERSONAL INITIATIVE, to stand for all that is honest and right, that one man that dedicated his real entire life, real blood,real sweat, and real tears, that one man that has continually risen in a world that has been designed for us to fail, stagnate and die, that one man fighting for all of us, is MARK HAMILTON! One man, imagine all that this one man has done to tear down illusions to bring us the honesty. Imagine, his successful lifestyle in a world were you are destine to fail, stagnate, and die! Imagine, Mark Hamilton as one man, ONE MAN, HAS SAVED/HELPED countless lives worldwide and here in America. One man, has saved countless lives by showing people how to become happy! THE REASON FOR LIVING IS TO BE HAPPY people! Are you happy? Happiness is an imposibility for now but Mark Hamilton knows that to be happy is the reason for living. He lives that. One man people has created a successful life and used his one life to save countless lives in America and worldwide. This is all honest and documented. In fact you are reading documented proof right now as you are reading my words! Mr. HAMILTON is the real deal because he is honest. I talk this way about this man because it is honest. If Mark Hamilton was a bum then that is the information you then would receive. If MARK hAMILTON was a liar, a theif, a con artist, if, Mark Hamilton was a greedy business executive, then by way of fully integrated honesty you would receive that information. Especially from me!!! In honesty, Mark Hamilton is a life saving, value creating, businessman, and that doesnt not even do half the justice his great name deserves! Nothing can justify this man, because I have never seen anyone like him; that tells you all that happened in the past, shows you with proof how it happend, tells you of the present and shows you proof through honest how it happens, you can see what he is saying is honest, then he explains the future which is being put into action! basically everything this one man has said has happened, In the past, present or future everything he writes about actually happened, is happening or will happen, and it is all documented as proof! This is the most honest man I have ever meet! You can feel his heart even when “you are worlds apart!” He is really that honest.

Now I want you to imagine all that Mark Hamilton has done for himself to be not just a businessman of success, but a businessman who creates value for the people thus has continuous success which seeems endless. I know his values are endless! Their is no end! Imagine all that he has done for us! Now imagine that Mr. Hamilton is just one man! One MAN! I say this over and over again to you because when you understand, when you fully understand that Mark Hamilton is just one man, you began to grasp the honest understanding of how much power you have as one MAN/WOMAN! THEN, on a deeper level how much power we have when we all come together! That is what TVP is all about, US! The People coming together!
It has been a great pleasure of mind to write this for you, as I had the opportunity to talk about TVP, and Mark Hamilton. Then on a deeper level I was able to give you some honest information about something that is real. something that will change the world for better. I was able to give you something to act upon The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY MOVEMENT! GET INVLOVED! TAKE PERSONAL INITIATIVE TODAY! IT’S OUR TIME! OUR TIME!

Most honestly written by


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