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I remember getting that letter in the mail, that letter has change my life and open my eyes, mind and heart for the life I was meant to have. I was going down a street toward total destruction of my whole being, see I did not really care about what happen to me even though I have a loving, caring, husband and beautiful kids to take care of. I saw my life as an end in it self. I try to be happy but could never see me being truly wealthy in my emotion. I didn’t know what compelled me to open that letter that was meant for my husband but I did after reading it I was super excited than I have been for a while. You see with no money in the bank I persuaded my husband to buy those remarkable books. Those books are forever in my heart and mind for they change me, they shook me and woke me up from the nightmare I was in. You see now I could love myself more each and every day. I can take each and every day as a wonderful gift for me and my family. Thanks to MARK HAMILTON my kids and my husband have the greatest gift in life and that is for me to be the best me that I can be for them. I just want to thank MARK for making me emotionally wealthy. Now we are working on the financial wealth. Please when reading any thing on neotech please keep your mind and your heart open or you will miss some thing so wonderful. If you are reading this I wish you all the wealth ing every thing you do.



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