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Thank You and I know that all is well, I have lived most of my life controlled and manipulated by this dead society we live in here is my testimonial to you and my use with the warriors Ken P

I am thankful for Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society, my life has changed and everyone says I look so much younger.  I find myself living life without all the anger stored up inside.  I still believe in my higher power as that one voice inside I count on.   All the readings I find that they parallel my thinking.  I have always been able to see and communicate mind to mind.  When I was in Vietnam I could talk with my wife even though she was 11,000 miles away.  When I would come home she would tell me almost verbatim what I said to her.   The new techniques I am learning to use.    Since starting I have received over $20,000. Dollars in value in my home and business.   I am starting to create new puzzle pictures and the next vision as mind travel.   I am working on it now.  I am so happy that this 12 vision party is up and running.  I can’t think why anyone would want to keep this old civilization going once you learn to take back your own control.  I believe in our US constitution, but the prime directive in Neothink makes it so much more pure and all people can benefit from this.  True freedom never comes from aggression or wars.  I think the most help is when you can see and hear all the non sequiturs that all politicians and clergy use.  They just jump right out to you. I never realized how manipulative they are.  Most colleges train in these non sequiturs, of course only to select members of the class.  I am finding how hard it is to rid myself of the mysticism in my life.  I know first-hand what the neocheaters are all about and what problems they have created for me in my life.  I can attest to the value we can create in medicine and wanting to live life forever.  I have also been one who has lived with extreme prejudices from all these neocheaters and how they have tried to control me.  I am not alone anymore.  Thank You for the neo-think society and Mark Hamilton for having faith in me.   Yes I have been   intelligent optimistic most of my life.  Everyone who knows me say I am a bankrupt idealist, but why is it I can live by my principles and they have never failed.  I believe in the techniques that our books show use that they work, and boy do they!   I cannot wait until we all live equal no special interests only one race humans.   True progressives believe in the human oneness we all are a part of.  We all agree that our planet is warming and our oceans will continue to rise for decades to come.  What do we expect we deforest the planet.   Destroying the land  we live on to build 18th century technology to build our homes and buildings we need to stop spreading out our cities but build up.  We need to replant our forests and farm lands.  That is the only God given way that purifies our air the natural way.  It can be done, and is being done all over the planet in 3rd world countries.  The   best way to get an economy going again is maintain the existing infrastructure, build up and we can now grow for decades without running out of room.  Replace existing plants incase them in an   eco manner all tanks be incased not set in the ground as they are now.  When spills occur we can clean it up without causing environmental hazards as we have now.  We still need to use our resources and do it in a 21st century manner.  This 12 vision party is the last hope for America without the loss of life which will surely occur if we keep this dead civilization we now have.  I know that we have a large minority of free loaders in our society which the present system encourages because the politicians use them to  keep them self’s  in power over use all.  All you have to do is go where these elitist gather and listen to them and how they look down on the masses. It makes you sick and angry that these people who are supposed to be our examples, could think this !  I hope that more people would join use.  Yes the elite will not die without a fight but we can survive any attacks because Mark Hamilton represents these elitists and knows how we have been controlled.   We have no choice but fight back, and yes I know we can live through the lies and controlling they are sure to create.  I have faith in our country and its people especially when they are given the truth.  I probably will suffer the most as I am retired on fixed income.  But I must fight and create new values for mankind.  I want to create the Cosmic mind institute where the Intelligent optimists can work together to create this new civilization that mankind is coming to realize has already started. 

Kenneth M P


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