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I have read quite a bit of Mark Hamilton’s literature and feel extremely lucky to have done so. I wish I had happened upon it decades earlier.

Just before reading the literature I was in a situation in my life where I was looking at starting over (or at the beginning of a new chapter). I recall thinking to myself , “I really need to start to do and see things differently because this isn’t working out – my life isn’t working out!”. I’m reminded through Mark Hamilton one of the basics in life is happiness which I had forgotten.

The values received from Neothink are immense. Some of it to me is common sense forgotten as time passed by. The idea of fully integrated honesty (sounds like a no-brainer but people forget, I did); being fully honest within oneself, being one’s own authority and not just lead by others made me realize it was time to take control of my life; Remembering to use percepts and then conceptualize and look at the bigger picture (i.e., learning to see what’s ahead). Also, how to have truly healthy romantic love relationship were topics I zoned in on at first. Neothink has opened my eyes far more than I can articulate here. If I hadn’t come across it I believe I would have become a depressed, not to mention lost, person!

Neothink is about taking off our blinders and seeing things as they really are politically, philosophically, romantically, economically, etc…The time has come it seems for human beings to evolve into healthier happier people which is what Neothink is. I look forward to the experience of more and more people using Neothink.




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