More TVP

 Reading the books written by Mark Hamilton gives me an inexplicable feeling of hope.  These books throw me back into my excited “childhood me.”  They allow me to access that part of me which is most genuine–the me who I was always meant to be–and connect her to the me I am now.  These books by Mark Hamilton help bring me to myself, thereby returning me to the hopeful excitement I felt and lived in as a child.  But I also have an adult’s ability to act on what I now feel and understand in order to re-create my life into something I can love.
   I receive so much value from Mark Hamilton’s books that often, if I’m feeling down, reading them refuels my hope and excitement in Life.  I believe the TVP is an exciting new political party which brings new hope and vigor to a tired process.  I highly recommend this literature,   the TVP, and the Neothink Society to all those searching for a new thought paradigm in a culture which continues to encourage “dumbing down,” as it gives much value. This may be your antidote to that problem.


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