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Many thanks to Mark Hamilton for keeping I and my family motivated to change this world into a Happy, Value Creative Neothink world where the humans can become rich and even the poor!!!!!  His Neothink Heirloom truthful Literature still keeps us keep on keeping on in a corrupt, Anticivilized, bicameral, jealous society.  I had to retire early from a school District in Orange County California due to a jealous, anticivilized, bicameral minded supervisor.  I am a fighter not a quitter and now I have more time to focus my energies on the anticivilized world.  You have invited me to many areas to help while others the Anticivilized have dumped me because I won`t believe what they are doing is right!!!!

We the People will soon prosper thanks to Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions and the Prime Law.  I would like to invite all to visit his web sites such as,,

 Live Long & Prosper!!!!

Sanford (Mike) C


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