More TVP

First of all you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink team and everyone who was part of this beautiful life changing, breathtaking illuminating honest built, literate knowledge.  You’ve all made me feel much better, happier, and am not afraid of the “DARK” anymore. 

YOU, Mark Hamilton, and your army are like the oxygen we earthlings NEED and for THEY to try and stop your TVP movements reminds me of a bully who faced me ones in school not good for the bully.  THEY are like the cleverly hidden quicksand that waits and does nothing, eating and eating at anything, good or bad, that lands on its turf the time has come for CHANGE and your ideas are the way to go. They’re built out of HONESTY, and LOVE.  You can’t go wrong with that.  This INFESTATION of MALEVOLENT fools that plagues this planet is reaching its peak and I can’t wait for the upcoming gifts you Mark,  have built nothing but beauty is coming our way and me and my future family will experience your wonderful thought-out world of LOVE we will all be one, and even the TRICKY bible says it thanks for impregnating my brain with HONESTY, and with REALITY streaming thoughts may this planet never be the same.

by Gisela


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