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To Mark Hamilton, my mentor:

 Greetings!  Assuming you’ve taken time to track my progress you’ll know that I’m still involved in the medical arena as a Naturopathic Physician who is a board member of the only patented oral chelation product.  In fact, Kevin T. (yes, that Kevin T.) has been taking with  our company for marketing ends.  This is given as a side note. 

What I’m not sure you know is that I’m also a lawyer and have been a part-time judge for the last eight (8) years.  I work as a tribal court judge and have been a major force with respect to Domestic Violence issues.  I’m a former ABA DV Commissioner and am involved with the DV & related Court Programs for NV.  Prior to that, I served for 4 yrs on the AZ Supreme Court DV Committee. 

I talk the time to explain all for as a judicial officer, I’m not sure how to help or give a testimonial based upon the ethical rules I’m obligated to follow.  I’m open to suggestion and welcome comment.




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