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To: Mark. 

I have much love for you and I absolutely love all of your literature and feel it is very precious and dear to me.  By reading and integrating the Neothink literature my life has become a wondrous journey.  Being in the society for a while, I have seen the changes within me and the way others see me evolve.  The journey starts with the individual and grows from there.  I am now with a group of like minded individuals and it feels good to share my thoughts and feeling with others.  I feel great satisfaction helping others find there Friday Night Essence, or just visiting with them.  I help others see through illusions in there lives and this makes them/me feel better, they are then able to catch a second wind.  In this second wind, myself and others, pay no need to the anticivilization and all the no starters.  Within the Neothink society I find comfort because others are like me.  If I have a problem someone else more than likely is dealing with the same issue, or may be I can contribute through my own experience.  It is wonderful.

The growing Twelve Visions Party IS the future.  Today we have such dishonest and cheating politicians it makes me sad, they lie right on TV and think the average person doesn’t know it.  As a nation we need the refreshing honesty of the Twelve Visions Party.  It’s time we make all the people rich including the poor.  Health, wealth and romance everyone needs and wants this, but from an honest and good way.  Not the cheating and lying and tax you to death.

Mark Hamilton and his literature enable a person to see through illusions and let go of chains that bind an individual to failure and frustration.  Through meeting like minded indivduals one is able to share and grow. Through this growth, one learns about Neothink and how the little pieces of his life snap together to make a little puzzle piece This is when life becomes amazing and full of surprises.

The Twelve Visions Party, puts all the pieces together, eliminating illusions, being fair and just to all, and enabling each individual to create in their life lasting happiness.

Joel E


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