More TVP

For too long Religion and Politics have been crippling the minds of people all over the world.  Here we have a man Mr. Mark Hamilton who through his writings is allowing men and women from all walks of life to free their minds from the brain washing that has been going on for far too long.  It is just mind boggling to me how so many of our present leaders; be it Political, Business, or Religious are so unscrupulous and no one in the media or anywhere else is doing much to shine a light on the deception of these leaders.  Twelve Vision Party – TVP wants for everyone; health, wealth and happiness.  It is a party that is based on honesty, which is lacking in most organizations out there today.  Why would anyone want to stop a movement like this?  Could it be because it may just bring an end to the control they have over the masses today. 

Mr. Mark Hamilton whose name is synonymous with Neothink & Twelve Vision Party – TVP must given the opportunity to be heard.  TVP is nothing but a breath of fresh air, when considering what we have at present.  Candidates hired by you to carry out your business and seek your interest are not thinking about how best to represent you, but how they can best cement their place in the position the find themselves by taking bribes and kickbacks.  With Neothink and the Twelve Vision Party – TVP, things are going to be much different.  Give TVP and Neothink a chance where peace, prosperity for all, long life and happiness and above all protection of person and property will be paramount.  Thank you Mr. Hamilton for all your effort.



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