More TVP

     I cannot even begin to tell you how my life has changed, since my first letter from you and the society.
     One year ago this Christmas I was ready to give up on life so much mysticism, 
Neo-cheaters in my life I had no room to breathe anymore.
     For four years I’ve been living with this heavy heart, I gave up believing in people 
in a whole, church wasn’t the answer for me.
     I was a truck driver and four years ago years ago I lost my mother and my job, 
because of the need to come home.  My company fired me for coming out of route 
when she died, I hadn’t put things together until that letter i spoke of from you and 
the society.
     Your literature and the Neothink Society has brought me back with this large heart.  I’m so 
thankful for getting this new chance at life, I’m living proof of my child of the past 
will catch the child of my future.
     Knowing that we have a Twelve Vision Party and what they are doing is the best 
thing that has happen to me since my FNE and the best is yet to come.
     Please keep your literature and the Twelve Visions Party going.
                              A Neothink sister,
                              Lavonne B


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