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      I can barely express in words what Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and the Twelve Visions Party has meant to me over the last 17 years. My exposure to the initial literature expanded my consciousness and tore down the boundaries that had build up in my mind throughout the years prior to Neothink. It was like experiencing the most momentous sunrise the world has ever witnessed, and it happened inside my own mind, heart and soul. Neothink gives us hope for limitless prosperity and eternal joy. It integrates and encompasses everything human beings are meant to be and become. Through the Twelve Visions Party, the people of earth will forge an eternal value based society free of value destroying vestiges of the past. My self-worth, confidence, sense of hope and motivation to be everything that I can be has been deeply influenced by everything Neothink represents. I can’t imagine a world without it. Mark, I support everything you and all other members of the Neothink society are doing to bring our world into a new Renaissance. It will be a Renaissance, an enlightenment, that will surpass all others of the past. We shall soon join our neighbors throughout the cosmos in the application of the geometric expansion of knowledge, forever!  Mr. Hamilton, if you need anything, just ask. Thank you Mark Hamilton. Thank you Neothink.


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