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Hello Anticivilation.

I was stuck in a world full of stagnate routine ruts until the very special day I received the beautiful letter in my mailbox from the exquisite Mark Hamilton and Neothink society. Previous till that day, I was ordering self help items from a lady by the name of Lucinda B.  I must say, her product and programs improved me too and extent. Her programs, titled the Midwest Center, taught me how to think more positive and gave me techniques to help deal with and conquer my anxiety. That was my self help healer until the day I received my heirloom packages from Mark. The material within those books changed my life more than too an extent. After absorbing the materials I no longer needed to return to my Midwest center programs, because I was discovering new confidence and trust within myself. The Neothink society had changed my life for the better. Furthermore, the Neothink society and the twelve visions party, I now consider them very valuable family to me and my family. The success of the twelve visions party simply means more geniuses and values for the world. The silencing of Mark and the twelve visions party means that the world will greatly lessen it chances of evolving. May I, along with my Neothink society and our twelve visions party, including the Twelve Visions World, live and last for eternities to come. Thank You Mark Hamilton…..


                                                                                                      Dante A


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