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Terri and I would like to acknowledge thanks to neothink society and in particular, Mr. Mark Hamilton. I loved the Miss Annabelle’s Secrets book and the entirety of the way it had been written, so had Terri. I read that book and do not feel there is any other book ever written that even comes close to that writing style, the entirety of the way it was written. That is the book of all books, it is that awesome and once more I really mean that. I wanted to express great gratitude and thanks to the Author of that book. Stienbeck and Hemmingway is one thing, yet Miss Annabelle’s Secrets really is the best story I had ever read. I was so absorbed into the written content of that book I can’t find the time to read anything else; it is like the alpha equals 137, after they find the sum of alpha =’s 137 there isn’t much left of anything. I know I shouldn’t have that mind set, maybe, yet maybe I should, though that was the most powerful feeling I had when I read a book. I keep thinking about the story each day; I seem to think of that story more than anything else. It is that compelling of a read it really makes a person think on how schools should be and the truth in learning and teaching children better ways of thought processes. That book should be taught to teachers in the current schools so they have a blueprint on how to train children properly. One thing I had found, if there seems to be a lacking of acceptance of others to change their beliefs in how they should be thinking currently. That is how I personally feel. They believe that the government is the only resource they have. They seem to have forgotten how to integrate their own thoughts and their own well being into something so much better. Even know I had taken a great deal of weight, I still upheld the prime laws and tried to share knowledge so others could benefit from correct knowledge. Truthfully most of them can’t seem to accept change in their life as they were told what they learned is all there is and it will never change for the better for them. I don’t feel the same way. I have a bad back and hip and feet yet I still get out there and shovel the snow and walk to get my daily activities completed. Too, a friend of mine named Tom, him and I are wanting to build a windmill together, he wants to be rich just like Terri and I do or those in the same criteria. He really wants to make honest money from his own creations just like I do, and it is really something at how he wants to learn. He is great person, just like a number of value creators I met.  I do what I can and try with all my effort to keep up. Though, I really feel that there will never be another story to top Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. That keeps playing in my mind. I plan on reading it again very soon as a form of not just entertainment yet a form of reality to fact and how it is supposed to be on Earth. I wish you all well, and offer my kindness and support and wish the same for us here at the house and for this part of the Globe, Joliet, Illinois. We could use a little good luck. Cornerstone Services needs the heat on over there with DHS. They are going to be working on the pipes over there. Take care and please do write back. Patrick


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