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My name is Rick and I am going to tell you the honest reality of what the Neothink Society has done for me.

The Neothink Society has transformed my life from a living hell to being a truly happy person. The knowledge I have gained from being a member of this fully integrated organization has transformed my life for the better in more ways than one. The people in this loving environment have taught me to be a self leader as opposed to a follower. A self leader takes full responsibility for his or her life. A follower follows others and most often blames other circumstances, or others, for his or her unhappiness. I was once a follower and had an excuse for everything. If this sounds familiar to you, you may be experiencing the same problem. I learned who I was following didn’t give a crap about what I really needed or wanted for that matter. Every person on planet Earth has the RIGHT to this knowledge. I searched in vain for a long time before my search ended with the Neothink Society. I have met the most honest people on this planet within this organization and I would encourage anyone who would like to experience a true feeling of Family, to become a member in the Neothink Society. It may help you to evolve into a different person, The person you were meant to be. Happy,Prosperous,Healthy and in control of your own life.

The Twelve Visions Party is the New party in the political arena. The new party will make ALL of the people rich including the poor. I have made my decision to help real CHANGE for the people,not the wealthy politicians. I love the Neothink Society and really don’t know what I would do without it.

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