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From Carl Jess Okeson, Fond du Lac, WI

It was the spring of the year 2008.  I was in good health and determined to live to be at least 100 yrs. old.  While I was tilling the garden I contemplated that I would like to someday dig the grave that I would eventually be buried in.  Perhaps even design my own headstone.  Here lies Carl Jess Okeson “He lived a long happy life”  Since I thought there was no way to avoid the ultimate fate.

Now that I am part of the Neothink society the concept of living an unimaginably long life fills my mind everyday.

I look forward to becomming a millionaire.  I have a vision of a dream house I would like to live in.  These are aspirations I have gotten only after becomming a Neothink society member.  Before I was settling on just getting by.

I have broadened my horiZons and expierienced value enhancement just by commingling with members on the Neothink website.

The Neothink literature by Mark Hamilton has enlightened and inspired me.

When I first became a member on the website and I joined a clubhouse, I wanted to know what steps I could take to bring about the positive changes that Mark Hamilton wrote about in his literature.  I was happy to find out a political party had been started called the Twelve Visions Party or TVP for short.

The sucess of the TVP would bring about many positive changes for me and all members of my family and the world.

Businesses would be more productive unleashed from heavy tax burdens.  Technology would soar as more money could be put into research and development.

Employers would compete for vauable workers and a worker could pick and choose the job he or she wanted according to the benefits desired.  Rather than now unable to find a job and taking whatever is available.

The value of our money would increase as competition for our dollars would increase by business, not to mention no taxes for us either.

As we become a working model for the rest of the world, other countries will reduce their governments to a protection only government and competative businesses will handle the needs of the people, their valuable workforce.

We aren’t doing anything illegal by electing the President and political party the majority of the people want.

We live in the worlds greatest country that will allow this to happen.  We should take advantage and put ourselves first rather than the organizations that control us.           Thank you.


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