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To All Voters and Fellow Americans:

After attending the big event in Chicago where I saw the Twelve Visions Party Emerge as the only logical choice for many dis-enfranchised voters from the left and right. I now know that this is the only choice to get us as a country back on the right track to actually change direction. If we continue the same direction the “conservative” and “liberal” leaders have steered us in from the past, we may never be able to recover before it is too late. Imagine a political party that can be run as a business and in a results oriented direction, as opposed to the insanity that most political leaders have kept us in. The TVP and Neothink Society are the only hope our country, and for that matter, the Planet Earth really have. When rational minds look at where we are and how we got here, they only need to look at the current self-serving politicians to see how a corrupt system is actually being kept in place by these parasitical elite greedy bastards that only care about their greedy self-serving needs. Enough is enough, and I say we all get behind this powerful movement and take back our country from the very people that we elected from broken promises and usless rhetoric that only served to get them elected or re-elected.

Mark Hamilton, the founder of Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party is a true visionary that has a complete answer to change this insane world and has a plan to put this all into action. I feel strongly that by putting my support behind the TVP and Mark Hamilton, I can and will make a positive change in this country that can help change most everything else that is currently wrong with our society and country. The Twelve Visions Party also has a platform and direction that makes more sense than anything I’ve ever read. Since most everything political before has only gotten us deeper in debt and made a mess of everything else, don’t you think it is time for a big positive change? Well I do and I’m throwing my full support for the only thing I feel has a chance to make things the way they should be, and that is supporting the Twelve Visions Party and only electing officials from this wonderful party that will make the needed changes in our government for all the right reasons.


MG, Irvine, CA


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