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Just imagine living in a world in which YOU MUST die to fulfill an unchallenged journey not by the masses… Now imagine living in that same world and coming in contact with someone that looked at you and said “You don’t have to if you do not want to die”. Now, just imagine if YOU were living in a world that applied that concept to EVERY dynamic of life from personal to impersonal- basically ORDERING YOU to follow the external stimuli that surrounds you. Will you follow? Those ARE the questions that everyone has within themselves when it comes to fulfilling the expectations of others. My story is that I lived in that world and IS currently active there physically with the SAME PRESSURES to be or not to be apart of that deteriorating world. Without the knowledge of self and its inalienability I have witnessed on-hand that MANY if not ALL are COMMITTING SUICIDE on a grand scale. I am thankful to have been discovered by a society who have made it all happen… who have not only launched a two-word poor grammar speaking individual into an intellectual left/right-hemisphere utilizing product of whatever life I will choose to create and live that will go down in history but WILL not go DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! I have learned to NOT sit back in silent frustration but challenge EVERYTHING. And I give my thanks to  Mark Hamilton and his association for the stimulation that not only delivers TO ME an experience of a lifetime but shows ME on hand the FOLLOWERS and THE LEADERS.


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