More TVP


Mark, it has been a while since I’ve written anything of substance but I believe this piece turned out well.  Let me know if it needs tweaking, additions, deletions, or corrections anywhere.  I have also been somewhat out of the loop, so be sure I have my facts straight; I have tried to keep it pretty general for that reason.  If it is ready-to-go, please feel free to post it anywhere and in as many places you desire when the time is right; my own access and knowledge in doing so is limited.  Regardless, the below testimonial might move Christ to rise and wave the flag and for shit sake – the last paragraph made me cry!  LOL….
I feel I owe you my loyalty and after this testimonial sir, whether on the beaches or on the snow-capped mountains, you shall owe me one damn good pina colada….
 Very Truly Yours, Liz S


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