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Mark Hamilton and Neothink

Okay let me some this up for anyone wanting to know about Mark Hamilton and Neothink. I have had the pleasure of having Mark as both a mentor and a friend for years now. Mark has a strong sense of right and wrong and sees through the smoke. He has been an exemplary role model in teaching me business and life principles through his Neothink Literature. Time does not allow for me to go into all of what I’ve been taught. So let me share with you what his teaching has allowed me to realize and why Neothink is so important to us.  I was brought up to understand for me to earn money I had to create and provide a quality product or service and then deliver that product or service to society in a timely efficient manner. People we are living in a country with a government that takes our money through taxes and uses our money to control us, establishes regulations that limit our ability to produce and create for society and furthermore live off of us like parasites using our money to give themselves lavish perks, medical and retirement plans all the while trying to convince us they deserve the perks for running our country into the ground. Mark has made me realize that “We the People” have to take the responsibility and make the changes to our country that we may give our family a life worth living. For after all we only get one time through life

Mike L. C.


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