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I have belonged to the Neothink Society for about four years.  I have read all the publications or the multigenerational manuscripts and I deeply believe in what the multigenerational manuscripts have to say.  Mark Hamilton is my mentor and is a very caring, patient and giving mentor.  He is very honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable person.  We here in the USA have the freedom of speech and other freedoms that many in the rest of the world do not.  It is my right to belong to Neothink.

I resent any attempts to punish or stop Mark Hamilton or Neothink.

Over  my sixty two years, I have watched the Media and the political world, both republican and democrat, be dishonest and focus on the honest to try and destroy what they have created for the” all” in the United States.  People like myself, in the upper lower class, are the one’s paying for the “George Bushes” in this country.  I know that the bail outs are being paid for by the working class, while the Bushes and CEO’s go free.  Mark Hamilton and Neothink are helping the masses with their time, money and literature.  I am sick and tired of the media doing whatever they want to hurt the HONEST in this country.

STOP hurting us NOW.  Mark Hamilton and the others who are involved in Neothink deserve to be left alone.  They deserve to be allowed to operate as they have and are.  Leave us alone.  Neothink is a growing, positive organization.  It has given me my hope and self esteem back.  What is wrong with this?

I think that the media is bought off the rich and dark people of this country.  Neothink is not dark it is light.  It has brought much light into my life through

Mark Hamilton.  Leave us alone!

Sincerely Jennifer L.


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