More TVP

On opening my first Book from the Neothink Society, I knew I had found something very special, the wonderful feelings of happiness that was going through me was so strong and powerful I loved every moment while lasted. I am a age pensioner the government has made me wait from before they gave me my pension, lucky I have good friends, Also I been in and out of Hospital for last ten years, Two weeks ago I went to two hospitals because i have stones in the bladder and sometime can’t pass water and bleeding as well they still put me on the waiting list. Yes Mark you are so right the (gov) does not care, they only look after themselves and getting worse every day. The Master Neocheaters must be stopped.  Mark Hamilton with the Twelve Vision Party who is a market business person and the voice of Honesty with the Prime Law will turn America around and make their Country a world Leader. All other Country’s around the World will Follow


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