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In October 2005 I found myself reading my first heirloom in front of a computer strung out on meth. My mind was full of questions, I wondered if I was doing the right thing reading this book. I asked this question desperately out loud and sat in my chair shaking as my glass pipe full of meth shattered into pieces all by it. There was no reason for that pipe to explode like it did; I had the answer to my question. I was working for an excavation company driving an end dump, applying some of the techniques from the heirloom; I was operating every piece of heavy equipment in the company before I left to expand my opportunities. I went to work for another company driving over the road in a black W 900 Kenworth that wanted to have for years. I was barely making ends meet and learned the man I was diving for had not made a payment on the truck I was driving for over six months. I was presented with the opportunity to buy the truck if I repossessed it. I turned the truck in to the finance company and shortly after I was the new owner of my own trucking company with my very own truck. In a little over a year and a half I have built my trucking company to four trucks that I lease to the operators. These operators have their own business that I helped them create and they run over the road under my trucking authority. I will have seven trucks shortly in my company, all of this I have been able to produce from having nothing. This is a very brief description of my story, the values from the Neothink knowledge to me is beyond incredible. If you open your mind to allow yourself to learn new things then your ability to achieve anything you desire will become possible with the things you will learn through the Neothink Society.

Anthony James H


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