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Before I received the literature I was falling into hopelessness and was beginning to think about taking my own life. Do to no hope for the future, not enough money to pay the bills, and loneliness. After I received my first package as I began to read hope filled me for the first time in a long time. The more I read the better I felt. The more hope that began to fill me. Not long after my girlfriend returned to me I did not start gaining wealth but I did gain the knowledge  on how to start building wealth and  how to grow my business. I plan on starting a second business and I have very high hopes of its success. Without Mark and his literature I would not have any hope at all and most likely may have died. I can not tell you what the difference of how I feel about life and the future. I owe all of this to him and the secret society.
     As far as his political agenda I am all for it. Politicians today suck up a lot of money out of the economy, and I mean a lot. Law makers have been making laws for over 200 years don’t you think every law imaginable should have and could have been written in that amount of time. As far as I am concerned  this new party of  Marks  solves a  lot of our problems while enforcing individual rights.  Keeping  the right amount of politicians to do only what needs to be done. But getting ride of all the ones that suck our tax dollars up. Freeing Americans to build values and create enough jobs for every one.

Tony I


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