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Yes I have read the three Neothink manuscripts. I did find them extremely interesting. I read the Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, the book that formed the conceptual framework for much of your work. You have taken these thoughts to the next level of realization and I honestly enjoyed reading your books and have been making an honest attempt to implement your suggestions. Actually, I am writing a futuristic novel featuring the behavior of highly evolved beings and I have been trying to employ your suggestions on how to approach my current job and how to better manage my Friday evenings and weekends to complete the book I am writing. I have also applied many of your suggestions on how to control food cravings and maintain a healthier life style. So I think you are hitting the mark, especially for people who are consciously evolving into more highly evolved beings. I have not been able to participate in your web meetings because of my busy work and travel schedule.

Good luck and hope all works out well for you.

Vincent S. D’


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