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Dear Mark Hamilton I appreciate all that you have done I haven’t been able to purchase your last book the one your father wrote, I’ve been in a real bad bind and I couldn’t contact you. I’m aware of what’s going on. Since May the bank’s been taking all my deposits, i was working for the board of probation and parole and I quit no job or anything because I had enough working for people that don’t have an accreditation and pushing a compliance for foolishness without an accreditation I don’t mind working but at least have an accreditation. I’m not talking about neothink. Neothink has been wonderful I thank you for the opportunity. At present I’m going to school working on heating air conditioning and refrigeration so that i can generate some income, I’m also going to school trying to finish my masters of divinity, I’m not eligible for financial aid as I owe tuition fees. Neothink has been a wonderful experience I haven’t been able to participate like I really want to.


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