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Finally an honest man worthy of our vote. A great value producer and creator who has blessed my family and I with hope for a wonderful world through his philosophy and literature while providing a detailed roadmap to freedom.

That man is Mark Hamilton, creator of the Neothink concept and the twelve visions party. With his simplified concept of dealing with reality, you can achieve true personal power I never thought possible, just by eliminating your delusions you are much more able to handle problems and protect your family and security from those with bad intentions. I don’t lie to myself or allow anyone else to lie or deceive me.

Our country seems to be increasingly dishonest these days which I believe is the root of our countries problems. We can’t believe anyone in power anymore. They tell us what they think we want to hear and do what they want with impunity. These parasites live off the backs of the hard working person providing no net value to us in turn for our money and hard work. Every night on t.v. the media sells us a great illusion of how we need their leadership and couldn’t do anything without them. This two party system our country has allows us a left-right vote that keeps our hopes of a choice up only to fail us in the end, time after time. We as a nation need a new choice and party, a better choice than the status quo.

I cant think of a better man or party than Mark Hamilton and his twelve visions party who’s whole philosophy is based on honesty, accountability, and justice. I know it’s a bold statement to say, but think Mr. Hamilton is our only hope at this time in history to save our country as a just and fair nation.

I just cant trust any of the current leaders at this time based on their past performances. Mr. Hamilton has the talent, knowledge, and work ethic to lead our country in the right direction. He is the epitome of honesty, justice, and the American spirit.

Due to this fact Mr. Hamilton will become a target for all the dishonest politicians and media in their quest for false power and our money. They will paint him in the public eye for the crooks and cheater that they are because he threatens their unearned positions. I think the American people are growing wise to their old delusions, and frankly are quite sick of all the lies and incompetence.

If you consider yourself a honest and hard working American, I seriously encourage you to research Mr. Hamilton for yourself and not just take the word of the establishment. If you care about our country and the world I would ask you to please stand up for Mr. Hamilton in hopes of a better future for all people. If you just want to be lazy and revel  in dishonesty, I would say grow up and get real before our country passes into oblivion and you don’t get another chance too make a difference.

Our chances are running out too choose the right leader and save our republic. Lets join together and do the right thing so our country can be saved for all Americans for now and into the future before its too late. We have chosen a lot of bad leaders in the past and our country shows the price. We can’t afford anymore dishonest leaders.

“Mark Hamilton for President in 2012.” The twelve visions party can unite us all to achieve a wonderful country and world. It’s your choice to do the right thing for us all. We change this world for the better one vote at a time. Thank you Mr. Hamilton for being our mentor and hero.

Regards, Pamela J.


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