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Over the last two or three years, I have purchased and read many books that have been written by Mark Hamilton. His Neothink philosophy has meant a great deal to my own thoughts and beliefs, and I recently joined the Neothink Membership here in Western Australia.
His Teachings have helped me to put a much clearer perspective on many things happening in our world today.
His Twelve Visions Party is the best news I have ever heard in many years. It actually brings hope and faith for a much better future on Earth.
Unlike any new religion or cult, The Neothink Society has firm roots in Scientific facts, and will deliver a much better society for all of us.
Mark Hamilton has devoted many, many years to writing about the Neothink concept, and is regarded as a wonderful Mentor by all in the Society.
I am very excited about the future, and my children’s future, thanks to the Twelve Visions Party and Neothink.
Stuart L


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