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Being the youngest of three (3) children, I found it easiest to keep up with the older children rather than whine that I couldn’t do something.  I became very independent, as I kept up with them, and learned a lot about many subjects.  I have been successful in a career of 25 years, and also in business.  Yet, when I received a letter from the Neothink Society, I was still looking for something.

After 23 years of marriage, I had become a single mom feeling the struggles of raising two (2) teenagers by myself.  My parents had been deceased for more than a decade, so, whatever happened to me, or for me, was the cause of my own decisions.  I was pretty content with life, but nowhere near the place of happiness I reside in today.

The Multigenerational Manuscripts I ordered have given me many new ways to organize my day, thoughts and feelings.  I have the opportunity to work with others in the Neothink Society as we find solutions together.  I have learned that my thinking makes the difference between success and failure.  I continue to make a few poor choices, but, I know that when I use the tools and utilize the wealth of knowledge that is available I will always have a complete day of happiness and will learn from my mistakes and make fewer mistakes.

One of the greatest values I have as a member of the Neothink Society is watching others find ways to bring the things they enjoy doing to the forefront.  One by one I witness their creative side surface, as opposed to sinking in the daily grind.  I see and feel them find happiness and pure love for themselves and those around them.

I suggest you join the Society if you have a desire to figure out what you are missing in life.  You will also learn how to organize your life for optimal performance in the areas of health, wealth, happiness, peace, and love.   Mark Hamilton has offered me a life that I had only imagined I could create.  Now, that I am pursing my creative writing, I want even more to ensure the success of this new career.  To do so, I have become involved with the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), a new political party that:

  • Upholds the ideals of the Constitution;
  • Supports the ideal of profitable businesses;
  • Wants no more initiatory force upon people, their properties, and contracts; and
  • Sees, with increasing freedom in technology and medicine, everyone, including the elderly and poor, prospering.  This revolution has already happened in the computer industry where our buying power, purchase choices, and knowledge base have increased more than one hundred fold.  This can happen in all areas of business.

I know that Mark Hamilton wants to see everyone living free, happy, healthy, and prospering.  He is encouraging, supportive and honest with the members of the Neothink Society, as will be the TVP, which I find refreshing in today’s business and political climates.


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