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Mark Hamilton is an honorable and humble man.  He is a genius and a true visionary.  His literature is powerful.  I am grateful to him for awakening me with his guidance of pure honesty.  At first, I was shaken a bit by learning the reality of things, but it was a good thing because everything makes perfect sense to me now.  Once you begin putting the puzzle pieces together, then you can move forward with clarity.

I have great concern for our youth of today.  My heart aches for them.  Look closely and you can see the emptiness in their eyes.  Deep inside their souls, they know things just aren’t right.  Yet, they are surrounded by this nonsense every day.

Folks, you need to pay close attention to what is going on out there.  Our great country has been hijacked.  We are on a ride with a run-a-way train and it is moving quite fast these days.

Forget all about what you were taught in school.  There is so much that they left out.  There is so much that you don’t know, that you need to know.  Wake up America and move forward into a positive vibration for once.  Become a free-thinker.

Let’s welcome the Twelve Visions Party with open arms.  We need to make this change not only for ourselves but for our children.  Otherwise, their future would be nothing but doom and gloom.

With the Twelve Visions Party there will be so many breakthroughs in science with all new technologies and great advancements in healthcare.  I am tired of seeing good people suffer.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  We humans are at a point in our lives where we are turning the tides.  There is presently an awakening going on with consciousness.   We need to evolve to the supreme value of conscious life.  We need this Twelve Visions Party!

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