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Being in the Neothink Society has made my life better in every aspect that I know. I still remember that day in June 2006 when I received the personal letter from Mark Hamilton inviting me to join the society that would make all of my dreams and desires come true. After a while, when I had purchased all of his literature and read it, I was taken into a new world; into a world that everyone should be living in right now at this moment. In that world life was so much fun, happiness was abundant, and everyone was doing something he or she loved to do all the time. I wasn’t a big reader before getting his books, but reading his books made me appreciate the penmanship and time it takes to write such life changing works and thus made me like to read anything that relates positively in my life.

Now I will explain what the Twelve Visions Party will mean to me and to everyone on planet earth. First of all, life in general will be at least hundreds of times than it currently is right now. The economy will always be going up, people’s wealth, health, and happiness will always be going up, there will be no more wars, violence, and destruction, and much more. The U.S. Government will actually care about its citizens and will actually listen to what they have to say about anything that can help them bettering the overall living conditions of life. That means my family will be able to have access to real education, real health care, and real wealth easily and efficiently. With the Twelve Visions Party, everyone can be rich in anything they want to be rich in and everyone will realize this is the way that everyone should have been living life all along for many millenniums ago.

I will write briefly what it would mean to me if all of this didn’t happen on earth. Life on earth could be very grim; people could be poor all around the world. My family and I could have no hope for living for the future and the point of living a great and always exciting life would cease to exist.

Lastly, people will realize that the Twelve Visions Party is the movement that will change all good hearted people’s lives for the better. I’ll simply say this, with the help of Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and the Twelve Visions Party, the world will be a paradise that everyone can enjoy each and every day forever.

For me, it’s quite simple.  Reading Neothink literature made me realize how much “the wool has been pulled over our eyes” and continues to be.  I am able to see the harm people we’re supposed to look up to are doing.  Until now I didn’t recognize this; I always thought that that’s the way it is.  But it doesn’t have to be; I can see now that using our conscious minds brings better results.  And that’s in all aspects of life, too.


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