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Hi my  name is Karen,
I would love to tell you how Neothink has changed my life.
I am very grateful to say Mr Hamilton saved my life.
I’ve always suffered depression since a teenager.
I came from a very religious home, I was mentally & physically abused as a child.
I carried alot of pain with me.
As a child I knew my talent was Music.
I gave up on my dream when I had baby.
I was brainwashed to believe that I wasn’t good enough to follow my dreams.
Stagnation came into place and guilt from the religious people clouded me.
I walked around depressed thinking I was not good enough.
I had guilt thinking I was not good enough for God.
I searched everywhere for the answers..
It wasn’t until I read Neothink that I was able to get all the answers that I had searched for.
My life has changed completely thanks to Mr. Hamilton.
My happiness is back.
I became a Integrated thinker, I use the tools that are in the book to succeed daily.
I am very happy daily Pursuing Happiness every second.
My mind is free from guilt and stagnation.
I am very happy the twelve vision party is ready to free the world from the pain and confusion that surrounds America.
America will be saved thanks to Mr. Hamilton and the Neothink Society.
It is an Honor to know Integrated Honesty and pure Love!
Thanks Karen Q


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