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Dear Mark Hamilton,
I will start this testimonial by saying congratulation’s to Mark Hamilton for his rewarding literature that fulfilled my life.
In my case I was always skeptical of our government leadership.  Too many times I have seen our leaders lie to the American society and beyond to serve their own needs.  As a common layman I only thought I was alone with this feeling and seemed helpless how to fend of these thoughts.
I expressed myself and battled the local and federal politician’s only to be left helpless and overthrown by more lies and deceits.  My battle with the local and federal political authorities was a condemnation of my property and how they built a four lane road in front of my property.
At last there is the Neothink Society that is founded on honest principles.  I found out I am not alone and my previous beliefs that I had were correct.
Once again I congratulate the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton for his rewarding wake up call.  In my case I only wished I had read the literature early in my career.  
I am now retired and worked in an industrial environment all my life.  My type of work was in electrical supervision and engineering with a major company.   My essence was a close match with my work.  I remained in the management ranks and thought that I had the ability to advance to higher levels.  I remained as a nitty-gritty worker bee basically all my career. (B.S. degree, M.S. graduate Industrial Technology)
The true base of this testimonial is to give a little background and perspective about myself.
My main punch line is that I found an honest Neothink society who believes in helping mankind in the present and the future.  This is done in value creation and business.
I personally am not looking for monetary value even though I have the ability to gain more.  The literature has taught me a clear cut path to proper thinking, and peace of mind.  I now belong to honest and hard working Neothink society members who want to create value in the areas of health, value creation, business, and improve life for all mankind.  These perspectives are the correct course for our future.
Thanks again Mark Hamilton
Brian M


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