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When my close friend Joshua Seymour first introduced me to Mark Hamilton’s Neothink literature, I was in a grey area of my life. I was only seventeen years old, and I was definitely not accomplishing my dreams. I was partying more than three nights a week, I wasn’t focused on my essence in life; my passions were almost non-existent. The Neothink literature opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking, almost like a new dimension I had just discovered. The Neothink literature assured me that there was more to life than the traditional routine: graduate from school, find a job, get married, have kids, retire, and die… all while being hassled by the government. The Neothink society has granted me the insights to find my passions and engage in them to a point of euphoria EVERY DAY. Besides finding my true passions, I’ve learned how to make those passions profitable, which is ultra rewarding. The goals Mark Hamilton has for the Human Race are phenomenal, yet achievable. We all must work together in harmony. We all must competitively create values for society. The literature is priceless, I give unlimited thanks to the mastermind of this invaluable literature, Mark Hamilton!


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