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What do Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party stand for?  They stand for freedom, self-leadership, self-responsibility, value creation, as well as unimaginable health, wealth, and prosperity for ALL Americans.  Mark Hamilton is a visionary and the Twelve Visions Party is the conduit through which his visions will become a reality.

Mark Hamilton, through many years of making wide-scope Neothink integrations has very eloquently articulated in writing the most intimate and precious dreams of each and every individual in his Twelve Visions platform.  Until now, no person has possessed the mental capacity, the principles, or the courage to present ideas of pure honesty and rationality to the world while offering to create the conditions to make each individual’s dream become a reality.  It is with this understanding that I must offer to Mark Hamilton my deepest and most sincere gratitude for creating the Twelve Visions Party.

Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”    Every four years the American voters go to the voting booths and elect a politician to the office of President of the United States of America.  Bizarrely, they expect each newly elected President to come into office and be “different”.   Each time a new President or elected official fails to deliver on campaign promises and displays his corrupt nature the American voter feels a sense of betrayal, frustration, outrage, or even worse, hopelessness.  In these tumultuous times it would be insane to keep putting a self-serving politician into ANY office, especially the office of President.  The Twelve Visions Party is finally the viable alternative.  A Twelve Visions Party candidate would be the anti-politician.    The Twelve Visions Party is the anti-politics based on unbelievably competitive business dynamics.

Many people have a natural aversion to politics.  This is because of the uncompetitive corrupt dynamics that power usurping politicians have always operated under.   The economic “problems” that America now faces are, pure and simple, the result of the abuse of power by noncompetitive politicians; not hard working honest business men.    Apathy and indifference to politics fades upon the realization that the Twelve Visions Party is tirelessly working to depoliticize America and keep the parasitical value-destroyers out of power forever.   For several years, my dislike of politics stemmed from my disgust of politicians, and translated into a loss of interest in many things in life.  I had lost hope.  Learning about the Twelve Visions Party and their platform of depoliticizing America has re-energized me and replaced hopelessness with joy and optimism for the future.    The Twelve Visions Party represents the ultimate optimism; that America and her citizens can become who we were always meant to be.

A Twelve Visions Party President would be the first President in history to go into office and immediately slash his own base of power.  He or She would not operate under the old dynamics of making campaign promises in order to buy votes.   A TVP President would be guided by the indivisible and incorruptible Prime Law.  The Prime Law is beautiful in its simplicity and rationality.  I’ll have it hanging up in my living room soon. Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party officers are kindred spirits to the freedom fighting patriots of the American Revolution.  With his TVP he has gone back to the fundamental ideals that the United States was founded upon and made further integrations with the Prime Law.  In other words, after all the corruption and dishonesty of the last two centuries, he has gotten it right!  Congratulations Mark Hamilton for forming the world’s first fully integrated Party in the Twelve Visions Party ! Thank You Mark Hamilton for being who you are! Thank for your courage in doing what is right and necessary in the face of what you know will be profoundly dishonest and vicious attacks from the parasitical classes. They will inevitably be defeated by the profoundly honest and rational Twelve Visions Party.

Sincerely, Jeremy C (Atlanta, Ga)


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