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Something we are all being stripped of. This I think is blasphemy because isn’t that what our country was founded on? This I see more and more of. “We the people”, are no longer a part of our society. Neo-Think is all of that. We are the last of ‘the people’ that recognize what we were in the beginning before we had the constitution in place. We were already one people in separate living areas that recognized what we had/have, and those who “know” this are those who want to destroy us and to take us for granted. This is my testimony, not just for our Neo-Society, but as an individual, and an individual that is happy with what the Neothink Society has offered me. Even though I can’t be in it as faithful as I’d like to, I am in it as much as I am. I am Neothink in my own society here in the Hawaiian Islands. I believe that without our “kind” this world would fall into its own demise.

AloHa, Momi M. W


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