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America and the world have tasted what both the republicans and democrats have done and can do. I believe if we will be honest with ourselves, we can agree that none of these two parties have provided American and the world what they always promise. It has become even serious that we seem to accept theirs lies, deceptions and illusions as normal. We have allowed our minds to be played with all the time and we seems not to care anymore. How long will Americans continue to allow these rulers to “fool” them and the world? I believe we are in the turn of civilization and if our new civilization will be of peace, honesty, love and prosperity then, Americans and all humanity have to sit up to listen to what Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party is offering Americans and the world at large. It is time to get people who will note seek the mandate of voters just to latter let them know its all political speech for votes. Americans, you have this time to free yourselves and the world to bring peace, love and prosperity to everyone through Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party. There is more to life than we really know. This is what I have personally experience and still experiencing with Mark Hamilton’s teachings through the neothink® Society.


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